10 Things This Month

  1. Read 5 books
  2. Workout 3 times each week
  3. Try the Cinch! eating plan
  4. Reschedule my missed hair appointment
  5. Decide what my garden plantings will be
  6. Play in the snow with Turtle
  7. Take down the rest of the Christmas decorations
  8. Finish the first drawing lab from the Sonheim book
  9. Make a cover for my nook
  10. Create an office space near the kitchen

  1. Eat lunch at Croissant du Jour
  2. Test Nigella Lawson's Banoffee cheesecake recipe
  3. Buy an unlined journal
  4. Do a lab from Collage Lab 
  5. Hang the Eiffel Tower print (purchased 2 years ago) in MBR
  6. Register for Disney Half-Marathon
  7. Register for Des Moines Half-Marathon
  8. Buy daffodils/other spring flowers for our table
  9. Celebrate the Spring Equinox
  10. Take the first long walk of the season