Friday, February 5, 2010

Crochet Update: Dishcloths

I've been plugging away at the crochet this past week.  Its the easiest project to do with Turtle around since all I need is the hook and the yarn -and she's slowly learning not to pull mommy's yarn!  I found a pattern on the label of Lily Sugar-n-Cream Twist (country twist) for a dishcloth that I really liked & it looked easy enough for me to do.  I was correct and I'm totally addicted to this pattern now:

The bottom cloth is the country twist.  I picked it because I thought it would look good in my bathroom :)  This is one side of the cloth, and the other looks like................................................


I love the texture that this cloth has.  I don't care for the size -its too small to fold and too big not to, so I'll try to monkey around with the sizing.  Yes, I'm becoming addicted to making dishcloths.  Before you think I've completely gone off the deep end, I actually have a purpose for indulging.  I'll need new linens for my brand-spanking new classroom next fall and I thought that having hand-made ones would be perfect!

BTW,  I really liked working with the Lily cotton yarn!  It held together beautifully as I mangled my way through the project.  The natural color was Lion brand cotton yarn  -it was OK, but my hook kept getting tangled inbetween the strands which didn't happen with the Lily.

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  1. I love the natural color one. That's very similar to the same one I bought to try to teach myself crochet. I really really want to make dishcloths so must get back at trying. Great job!


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