Monday, May 31, 2010

War of the Catulets and Montagues (Scare-a-Cat Challenge)

Star Crossed Friends

Its nice having neighbors with pets -we can enjoy the pets without the responsibilities of actually owning one.  Mr. Neighbor Kitty (henceforth I shall refer to him as Macavity) is actually quite nice.  He comes over to play with Turtle when we are out.  He headbutts my leg to let me know when it is my turn to scratch behind his ears.  Unfortunately, Macavity seems to view our yard as one giant, luxury portapotty.  His latest crime involved Turtle's little sandbox.  Sorry Macavity, as nice as you are this war is ON!

After being greeted by "Eau de Cat Poop" at the front door one time too many, I learned to use rough mulch in the front flower bed to discourage lavatorial visits.  We use netting & burlap in the back garden beds as well. Turtle's sandbox is actually a cheapo plastic tub filled with play sand so we can pick it up & store it in the garage when not in use.  The last sandbox incident happened with the sandbox was at my feet -serves me right for turning my head.......

So this week I'm in the mood for a Scare-a-Cat Challenge rather than a Scaredy Cat Challenge!

BTW, Macavity's owners are AWESOME neighbors & I don't want to cause discontent between our Houses over a friendly (with properly functioning digestive system) cat.

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