Friday, June 11, 2010

Rocking the Garden

I think I have found the perfect garden plant for me:  succulents!  They don't like being overwatered, which means I only have to water them when they start to droop.  They are surrounded by rocks so I don't have to worry about Naughty Mr Neighbor Cat misusing the space.  There are an amazing variety of plants to choose from -beyond hens & chicks even!  So even though I dream of having gardens that look like this:

Detail of Cottage and Garden, Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom, Europe

For now I'll be starting with this:

There are a few more specimens in here as well, but they didn't photograph well because they look like rocks!  The pots will probably spend the winter in my classroom, and I'm hoping that if I cover the rest they will survive outside during the cold times. 


  1. I'll have to post some photos about the cacti we've grown over the years :)

    Good luck with your jade plant. I've killed two so far in my life. *sigh*

  2. Looks great! Those little babysteps/cacti will all add up and, before you know it, your garden will look like the first picture (and your husband will think he's gone home to the wrong house)! :)


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