Friday, July 23, 2010

Magnetic Control Journal

 I have been teasing my Flybaby friends that I had a new control journal in the works, and I'm finally ready to reveal the finished product!

It can sit front & center on my fridge.  No post it notes falling all over, no pieces of paper taking up valuable counter real estate.  I made magnets to cover the tasks as I complete them.

The list is very simple -Morning Routine, Before Bed Routine & Weekly Home Blessing.  I may need to add a few more tasks, but it will do for now.

Now you may think I have gone a bit OTT with it.  After all, a piece of paper in that page protector & a dry erase marker would accomplish the same thing.  But I wanted something pretty to put a positive spin on the chores.  I didn't have any fancy paper on hand to run through my printer, but I have been playing with GIMP so I'm chalking this up as a graphic design assignment.  I started with this image from the lovely Graphics Fairy

and turned it into this:

Finally I splurged on a collage sheet from piddix.  The magnets were made with self-adhesive laminating sheets (no laminator needed!) and sticky-back magnets.

So there you have it, my pretty new control journal.  Go on, admit it- you're totally jealous  :D 


  1. I want're so right, I'm TOTALLY JEALOUS!!!!!!!

  2. Green over here too! Way to Go! :D

  3. OMG. Genius! I've done the wet erase marker thing and a page protector and it was a pain to clean every day. This is so much better, plus it's right there in your face because it's on your fridge! Love, love, LOVE this idea!

  4. I admit it - totally jealous! :) What an awesome idea!!!


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