Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Parents And Their Children Sitting Around a Campfire Toasting Marshmallows


What a curious thing! Sticky, sweet, light, fluffy, and ever so tasty in your cocoa.

Even tastier when you jam them on a stick and roast them over hot coals.

"How wonderful!" we thought.  "A perfect night to jam marshmallows on sticks so Turtle can enjoy her first taste of s'mores!"

Except she didn't enjoy her first taste of s'mores.  In fact, we couldn't get her near enough to a toasted marshmallow to try one.

I'm concerned she may not be my child.

She liked squishing the marshmallow up in her grubby little fingers.  Then she asked for some of the chocolate.  Maybe she is my child after all.

Do you like your marshmallows golden brown?

Roasted Marshmallow on a Stick

or charred?

Close-Up of Charred Marshmallows Burning in Fire

I can't decide.  I may need to do some additional research and report back.


  1. I like 'em charred and ooey gooey. But, no chocolate or graham cracker. Just a good old mushy marshmallow.

  2. I like them best 'Top Hats'! (Marshmallow, top with a dot of chocolate, pop a Smartie on the top and leave to cool) Something we have at kiddies' parties :)

  3. I like them toasted best, or in an ensemble s'more creation for a summer evening treat, but I will eat them cold out of the bag, too. Charred is a flavor that I try to avoid with any foods cooked over an open fire. But I know for some it is a true delicacy. To each his own.


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