Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Motivation in a Jar

I'm horrible with lists.  I start one, set it down, then promptly lose track of it.

I've used the task list on gmail.  I have a harder time losing it, but those lists can get awfully long.  Its not very satisfying either when it's time to cross something off.

So I decided to try writing down things I wanted to get done on pretty pieces of paper. 

I chose some fun things too.

I mixed them together & put them in the jar.  I decided when I had the time, I could just reach in & pull out a task to do.  Some things were quick & easy.  With some I added a 15 minute time limit.  I assumed it would take me a few days to work through my jar o'chores.  Guess what -it was exciting, it was thrilling!  I was eager to see what I would pull out next AND I blew through all but 3 items in one afternoon!  I guess you can put motivation in a jar for when you need it  :D


  1. Very clever, C-Joy! I should do this with books. Write each one on a piece of paper, then pull it out of a jar and then have to read that. Takes the pain out of deciding which one to read next. Thanks for the great idea! And I'm glad you're using the pretty notepad :)

  2. What a cool idea. I think I'll be trying that myself. And most likely for my kids as well.

  3. Now that sounds like fun...the problem is keeping up with it! lmao


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