Monday, July 26, 2010


Monty Python - The Ministry of Silly Walks

Silly is precisely how I feel right now!  I sorta messed up my training plan for the half-marathon I'm walking in October with ms. caboo (who is a stronger woman than I & will be running it).  I should have begun training at the beginning of July and not the beginning of August as I had thought all summer.  If only I had written it down on my calendar when I chose my training program!  Now I'm looking at needing to do a 5 mile walk this Saturday.  Gulp.  I hope my knees are up to it!

P.S.  Don't fret, I have written all my workouts down so there will be NO MORE EXCUSES

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  1. A five mile walk is always made easier with an MP3 player stuck in your ears! Perfect time to listen to an audio book- get two things done at once! You can do it--she of the wobbly legs says....:)


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