Friday, October 29, 2010

Houston, we have a problem!

Raise your hand if you decluttered your frumpy old winter coat & forgot to replace it before the temperature dipped below freezing!

Smart Winter Coat by Aine- Montaille of the Place Vendome

What, I'm the only one?


  1. Oops. I think I still have a winter coat, but I don't know where it is! Layer, sweetie, layer.

  2. Ha ha ha, this is funny cos it's true! You know, i haven't told you before now, but i did my big 'C-Joy wardrobe declutter' earlier this week! I found a place that pays £5.00 per kilo of unwanted clothes, so that finally encouraged me to get on with it. I was soooo tempted to declutter that beige, zip up, puffy coat that my granny passed on to me, thinking i will be stylish and lithe soon and won't need it, but luckily, i resisted. Cause boy, do i need it today :D

  3. I feel your pain, or should I say chill?

    Come the holiday season, I'm going to be missing my long, hooded, dress coat. I know I should have bought the replacement before I got rid of it, but thought how hard could it be to get a new coat? Apparently very hard.

  4. Crisis averted! Dug around & found a coat to wear. It would have been awful to tell the kids at school "we can't play outside today because Miss Candace doesn't have a coat" :-P


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