Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Great Frozen Cranberry Escape

I was nearly caught by a Holiday Decorating tip.

You see, I'm far too smart to fall for the shaved soap trap.  But as I was perusing a Holiday mag (I know, I know -I shouldn't even look at them but for now they're my guilty pleasure) I came across what could be a cool idea:

Simple, sophisticated -could look fantastic on the steps leading up to my house for the Holiday Soiree.

"I'll do it!" I found Impulsive Me saying.  "I know just the containers to use for this project.  Now, I wonder if  there are enough twigs in the yard to pull this off, or will I have to trim some off the tree?  I think there are some cranberries in the freezer that are left over from last year, might as well use them for this project."

"Cranberries?" asked Practical Me.

"Yes, Cranberries" Impulsive Me replied in that tone of voice usually used by teenage kids when talking to parents.

"I see, cranberries.  Somewhere in the bottom of the freezer you say?"  Practical Me paused a moment. "Have you looked inside the freezer lately?"

Impulsive Me nodded her head, aware that her world was about to be unceremoniously turned upside down.

"This would be the freezer that you were supposed to declutter.  The one that is currently packed to the brim?"

Impulsive Me nodded again.

"OK.  Well, I really like the frozen luminaria idea -really, I do!  I'm just wondering how you are going to fit them in the freezer? You know, alongside the bread and veggies already there, not to mention the Christmas cookies and the Holiday main dishes that you are also planning on putting in?  Remind me again, how many were you thinking of making?"  asked Practical Me sweetly, knowing she had Impulsive Me right where she wanted her.

"Four" said Impulsive Me in a very small voice.

"Four."  With great self control, Practical Me managed to stifle a snort that accompanied the thought of Impulsive Me trying to cram 4 two-foot luminarias in the already-full freezer.

"But look the magazine clearly says Merry in Minutes -so it must be a good idea!"  Impulsive Me cried, frantically trying to save a shred of dignity.

"Have you consider the merits of a simple holiday welcome mat at the front door instead?" Practical Me asked using that tone of voice usually used by parents placating a heart-broken child.

Thus Practical Me once again saved the day by refusing to let me recklessly use frozen cranberries to decorate my front porch.

Stay tuned:  Impulsive Me is bound to cause a lot more trouble before the holiday season is over.......

Candles and Cranberries in Tart Tins

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