Sunday, November 14, 2010

Holiday Houseworks: Dining Space Week

Salle Des Buffets, Dining Room

Dining Space Week?  Now that's a treat because my "dining space" is actually a table placed at one end of the living room. (Yes, it looks exactly like the picture above, except completely different) No storage spaces to tackle, the furniture is not worthy of polishing so it is swathed in fabric.  This is going to be a great catch up week for me, so please pardon me while I gloat a bit.  WOOHOO I DON'T HAVE MUCH TO DO THIS WEEK!

OK, I feel much better now.  Mind you, I won't be totally slacking off.  I'll toss the chair covers in the wash and scrub the table down to the best of my abilities.  Maybe I'll catch up on my Christmas cards.  Or maybe, I'll just make more cookie dough to put in the freezer to bake later!

Oh, the endless possibilities..................................

Living Kittens Dressed up are Served a Meal by Their Chef Rabbit

..........such as finding a bunny to dress up and serve us food for my Holiday Soiree.

PS  I did find the source of the shaved soap idea: it was in the November issue of Everyday with Rachel Ray.  I suppose there are some people who have time and the inclination to shave soap with a vegetable peeler for their guests.  But I bet they are all magazine stylists  :-P

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  1. I think if we have sufficient holiday cheer, we will see a rabbit serving us at your soiree.


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