Monday, November 8, 2010

Holiday Houseworks: Food Storage Week

It is a good thing I started prepping for the holidays back in September!  I'll admit, the past few weeks I have only  been half-heartedly getting tasks marked off my to-do list.  But now, everything seems frighteningly close

Last week was the cooking space week and I actually got back down to business.  Motivation came in the form of getting the kitchen ready for a BRAND NEW STOVE!  Just a few surfaces to wipe down and we'll be ready for the delivery :)

I thought I disliked the tasks on the bathroom week more than anything.  I was wrong, because now I have to tackle food storage.  This means cleaning the fridge folks!  Because of the dangerous nature entailed with cleaning this appliance, I'll be sure to announce exactly when I'm going in.  Just so  you know when to send in the Search and Rescue team.  If you don't see anymore posts from me, you will know that I lost my battle with the Food That Time Forgot in the unmarked plastic container from the back of the bottom shelf.

Food storage also means tackling my pantry spaces.  Yes, I said spaces.  I have a small cabinet in the kitchen that can be used for pantry items.  I also use the big drawer in the buffet to hold things that don't sit on the shelf easily.  The rest is on a shelving unit in the basement.  And all three are completely out of control.  Organizing it is a daunting task, but I have a cunning plan that just might turn my functional kitchen into a Fabulous Kitchen. 

Stay tuned.....................

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  1. Good luck! I need to clean out my fridge, too. I'm afraid. Very afraid. Cleaning out the kitchen cupboard might actually be a good thing, though. I may find stuff I bought and forgot about and can now use! Can't wait to see the new stove.


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