Friday, January 14, 2011

It's Chai Time!

Two Glasses of Chai Tea
 I'm becoming highly attached to my evening cup of chai tea.  "Chai" kept appearing in my Tweetstream so when I spied a box of TAZO Decaf Chai at the store I just knew it was meant to come home with me.

Even opening the tea bag is heavenly because the aroma is so spicy!  And being decaf I knew I could drink as many cups as my heart desired at night without worry.

To the first cup I added a squirt of honey along with my milk.  It was tasty, but a bit too sweet for my tastes.  The sweetness is what has prevented me from purchasing premade mixtures of chai -I guess most people like it sweeter than I do.  For the second cup I only added milk.  Bliss!

To clinch matters, I was playing Putamayo's Music From the Tea Lands in class yesterday.  It has a little booklet attached to the CD giving information on the music.  It also contains a recipe for making chai!  I think we'll make our own batch of chai tea next week while we continue our look at Asia in class.  Don't worry, I'll share the recipe :)

How do you drink your chai?

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  1. Mmmm, chai! We use the powdered form (we found a brand that we like). We don't add sugar (the powder is sweet enough, as you know) but the kids add a bit of cold milk to it - just so that they can drink it faster! LOL


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