Sunday, February 13, 2011

Bee in my bonnet

I had a ton of pink sparkly yarn leftover from the Valentine project.  I just knew there was something I could make for Turtle.  Scarf?  No, Turtle is in a "no scarf will ever touch any part of my body" phase.  She asked for socks, but I'm not ready to attempt those.  Inspiration:  Hats! We can never find a hat for her when we need one -surely there must be a hat pattern out there simple enough for my basic crochet skills.

As luck would have it I found the perfect hat to make:

Not that the hat was made perfectly.

3/4 through the first attempt I realized I was using the newborn pattern.

3/4 through the second attempt I realized the pattern switched stitches 3 rows earlier.  Rather than start over for a third time, I kept calm and crocheted on (and switched to the appropriate stitch beginning the next row).

Turtle has been wearing it all morning so I think it is a hit.  If you want the pattern for yourself, go to Ravelry and look for McKinley's Perfect Springtime Hat.


  1. Yay for you! I just recently picked up crocheting again too, making a newborn blanket for a fellow teacher who's expecting. I'm finally getting the hang of turning the rows properly, and getting a consistent gauge, so I think I might actually finish this thing!

  2. It looks like the perfect hat to wear to lunch at the Londoner. :)


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