Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Book Challenge Art?

I won a nifty journal to record my books for the challenge in.  But rather than make a mere list of the titles I have read, I took some inspiration from someone who has a great art journal and decided to jazz mine up a bit.

Its a start!  All I had on hand at the time were some old color pencils and a fountain pen.  Since creating this first entry I splurged on some grown-up crayons to play with.  Yes, I've only recorded one book so far!

It may take me longer to record titles this way than to actually read the books!  I couldn't draw a picture of the book as I have a digital edition and for some reason, there is no cover pic  :-P

How are you keeping track of your reads?


  1. Very cute! I may actually write mine down, too. I am just using the computer to keep track, but it also seems like a good idea to keep 'em on paper, just in case. And it's a great excuse to buy some fun art supplies.

  2. I shall have to write mine down, as i have only read 5 now, but by the time i have read 15, i'm sure i will have forgotten what i read!

    Making notes would be a nice idea, i like this



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