Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Still Reading

Reading took a backseat during the last few weeks of school.  But now I have the whole summer to catch up!  As you know, being a mom means I have so much free time to read. 

Jane Ironing a Skirt While Her Mother and Sisters Work Another Suit

Lucky for me Turtle is used to seeing me with my nose buried in a book (or my nook) and sometimes lets me read for five whole minutes without interruption.  She has started taking naps again, so I can get a lot of reading done then.  In fact, I knocked out most of a book yesterday whilst she slept!

A Mother and Her Baby Boy Take a Nap Together

Can I just say I'm looking forward to having my nook on vacation? Never again will I have to lug a suitcase of reading material on my travels!

Young Woman Reading a Book in a Garden in a Garden

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  1. Did you read The Paris Wife? I'm almost done, I think.


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