Saturday, October 29, 2011

Simple Pleasures: Candles

Three Candles and Rose Petals on a Table

I got out of the habit of using candles around the house because of the bird and Turtle.  Now that we no longer have a bird & Turtle is old enough to leave lit candles alone, I'm bringing candles back into my life.

One ritual I read about in Simplicity Parenting was eating breakfast by the light of a candle.  I get up very early on workdays so that I have time and space to get myself ready for the day, and having a candle lit while I read blogs is absolutely delightful.  It is so peaceful to see the light flickering on the walls, to see the flames dance when the furnace turns on, to know that my loved ones are nearby.  It also means I'm not completely stumbling in the dark while I make my tea in the morning.

I've also started lighting a candle when we sit down for our evening meal.  Again, I feel like the candle makes the statement that this is a special time.  Turtle loves blowing out the candle when we are done!

Being the overcautious mommy that I am, watching kids blow out candles leaves me a little bit anxious.  So I scoured the stores yesterday and finally was able to bring this little lady home:

an angel candle snuffer!  Turtle loved learning to use it to put out the flames.  Are you a candleholic?

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