Monday, June 18, 2012

The suspense is killing me!

When I was 12, I received a box of books from a family friend. Inside that box was a series that would forever cement "mysteries" and "summer" in my mind: Trixie Belden.  I had so much in common with Trixie, how could I not fall in love?  She was petite and had short, blonde, curly hair: I was petite and had short, brown, strait hair. She lived in rural, upstate New York; I lived in a midwestern suburb. Her best friend was a millionaire's daughter; my best friend was the daughter of an engineer. Trixie LOVED horses; I pretty much LOATHED horses.

OK, so we didn't have as much in common as I would have liked to believe. But I loved reading about Trixie's adventures. They carried me through a long summer in a new town. I have restarted my collection of Trixie Belden books, and was thrilled to no end when the series was brought back in print (and also available as nook books!)

In an effort to relive my youthful, mystery-filled summers, I'm indulging in mysterious adventures this summer.  I just can't get enough of them!  So far, I've discovered Anne Perry's Charlotte and Thomas Pitt mysteries. Charlotte is a Victorian sleuth, who aids her husband in solving crimes in the wealthier sets. And can I just say how exciting it is to discover a series of books that is already up to number 29? This series alone could carry me through the summer!  But I can't read just one mystery author.  I have to continue following Amelia Peabody -another Victorian sleuth, but one who solves crimes involving ancient Egypt. Then of course, there is watching Geraldine McEwan's Miss Marple mysteries on Netflix. Naturally, this will mean reading some more Agatha Christie. I believe there may be a new Hannah Swenson mystery (or two) that I haven't read yet (warning: don't read Hannah's adventures when you are hungry: she makes cookies for a living!) Plus, I managed to miss the second series of Sherlock when it showed on PBS earlier this year, so I'll have to catch up on that (dreamy sigh: Benedict Cumberbatch)

So that's my Summer Mystery Tour in a capsule. Do you read different books according to the season? What's on your bookshelf for the summer?
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  1. You know I have the usual dozens of books I'm attempting to read this summer. Too many! Need a week off just to read :)

    1. LOL I don't think a week off will be enough time! How about a decade?

  2. I adored Trixie Belden when I was a kid! And I need to catch up on the Agatha Christie books. I have been watching Poirot both on Netflix and on DVDs that E gets out of the library. I haven't yet tried Miss Marple on my own.

    This summer I'll be reading a lot of paranormal books for various blog tours in which I am participating. I have also selected some upcoming galleys of romance and mystery to keep me occupied. I'm looking forward to reading a ton! Can't wait to hear how these other books are for you.

    1. Hooray for endless summer reading! Seems like there is never enough time during the school year


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