Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Loving Sparkle Stories!

As you can imagine, we are a family of book lovers. However, there comes a time when even the most devoted bibliophile has to throw up her hands and say "I just can't read Eloise to you one more time!" A way to save my voice (and my sanity) came to me in the form of Sparkle Stories.

Children Holding Sparklers on a Beach
Lisa  Larsen

Sparkle Stories provides original audio stories every week. It was hard choosing which story lines to follow -I want them all! I must confess that although these series are aimed at children 3-10, I enjoy listening to them too. And creating mental pictures for the stories is a fantastic workout for developing young brains! What I really like is that it can play on just about any device. I'm thinking of burning a CD of the stories for Turtle to listen to as she likes while she is in her room.

Turtle's favorite story so far is Martin & Sylvia, but we are also following Too Many Fairies and At Home With Martin & Sylvia. I am seriously tempted to add Junkyard Tales as well. We have a few hours of stories collected already in the first month of our subscription. I'm anticipating the soothing voice of the narrator will help while away the time on our upcoming road trip to Colorado. Audio stories are the only way to go for this gets-carsick-reading-in-the-car mama!  I only hope DH enjoys them as much as we do, because I'm sure we'll be listening to Sparkle Stories A LOT!

Check them out for yourself -you can listen to sample stories here.

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