Friday, July 6, 2012

Uncomfortable in my own skin

Mom OJ

Todd  Goldman

Things have been going well on the Fibro Front. Not only am I still standing, but I'm still nailing those workouts at least 5 times a week! As long as I really protect my neck I can do some strength training as well as cardio work. I found out from experience that over-using my neck and shoulders cause a flare up. Ooops. My darling trainer has adapted some Pilates moves for me so I can work my abs without straining my neck. I also love doing a bit of Yoga with weights -it feels really good to combine the two!

Although the pain is pretty much under control for now, I'm bothered by a few other symptoms. Namely, blurry vision, sound sensitivity, and skin sensitivity. The blurry vision makes reading frustrating. But at least if I am reading on my Nook I can adjust the font size to help me see more clearly. The sound sensitivity is a little more difficult to tackle. It has been so hot and humid that the source of most of the noise has not been playing outside as much this week. It is to cool off next week, so that should give me ears a welcomed break.  The worst is the skin sensitivity -I hate it! At least I can be at home, where I can say "Don't touch me! Use a whisper when you talk!" and have everyone respect my wishes. This is much harder to pull off in the classroom.

I wish I knew what was aggravating these symptoms. My guess is food. With the holiday, I've eaten more processed meat (mmmmm, sausages -bratwurst!) and potato chips than I normally do. I know it has affected how much water I retain! Perhaps there has been too much dairy consumed as well (darn you, DH and your current obsession with making Orange Julius! Oh, and the pizza! Processed meat AND cheese!!) I'll clean up my food act and see what happens.

Until next time, stay joyful!

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