Monday, January 28, 2013

Kettlebell of the Ball

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It wasn't exactly a whim when I signed up for a beginner's kettlebell class. I read about kettlebells in the most recent issue of Oxygen magazine, and was intrigued. Naturally, I had to read all about it and in the course of my "research" discovered this class. Perfect start time (three days after I learned about the course), perfect time of day (after school with plenty of time to eat a snack and get there), easy to get to, and perfect days of the week. With that much going for me, I pretty much had to sign up for it!

I've got four classes under my belt, and the verdict so far: holy frickin smokes -this workout is kicking my tush! I don't think I have ever had such a vigorous cardio workout before in my life. And there is minimal impact on my knees, just the occasional round of jumping jacks. We are doing circuits with the kettlebells, ropes, TRX, and body weight to create a 45 minute workout that provides both cardio and strength training. It was taking me nearly twice as long to do cardio and lift weights at the gym! It has given me a huge motivation shot as far as exercising goes. I've been slacking a bit since the holidays and its been hard getting back into an exercising groove. I've not experienced any increase in Fibro symptoms since I've started. In fact, I am sleeping a bit better at night. Not going to complain about that! Learning how to move safely is keeping my brain focused, so for at least 45 minutes a day I am fog-free. And I can definitely tell that it has revved up my metabolism!

As long as I don't get injured, I foresee no problem finishing the six-week course. If I continue on past the course has yet to be decided.

Don't know anything about kettlebells? Read about them here. There are many books and videos available, but I would highly recommend you learn proper form from a real person before striking out on your own.

Have you tried anything new recently with your exercise routine?

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