Thursday, January 28, 2010

Beginner's Crochet Luck

I dabbled in many sewing arts as a teen, and crochet was one of them.  My mom is a fantastic crocheter, but I've only managed a few basic stitches.  I recently completed a top secret project (I'll post pictures after the recipient gets it), but I wanted to do something that I could write about NOW.  So what does nearly every crochet beginner start with?  Washcloths of course!  No need for a silly pattern, just crochet until you think it is the right size.  The first one was a simple double-stitch affair.

Yes, the colors are a little funny but I originally thought I was going to start making some Arigurumi.  Ha to that!  Methinks little crocheted critters will have to wait for awhile.  Turtle took one look at this and as usual said,  "Oh, that is MINES!"  (ed. note:  mines is not a typo, she really says that.  Kinda cute: yours, mines....LOL)  Feeling bold, I decided to try the closed shell stitch.

Not bad for a first try :D I picked up some more yarn that has a pattern for an even fancier washcloth on the back of the label.  This time I chose colors that would look nice in the bathroom!


  1. Beautiful! I haven't touched crochet in years...not since I was DD's age. :) I'm knitting dish clothes though! Makes me want to add crochet to my repertoire though. ;)

  2. I wonder how feasible a virtual sewing group would be? Knit & Twit(ter), Needle Nook online, hmm..... the gray cells are working! LOL


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