Monday, January 18, 2010

Mad About Matryoshkas

Something I've noticed recently is that I seem to have a slight obsession with matryoshkas.  It started  at school -I'll bet you could go into any Montessori classroom and find a matryoshka.  The one I had in my own classroom broke, so I found myself looking for a replacement.  During the last summer I found this little beauty in a small mountain town gift shop.  Hand painted in Russia -my students adore it! 

Next was my daughter noticing the wooden nesting dolls I bought right after she was born.  She calls them her little guys, and the smallest one she has named Tiny Guy.  She is very good at getting them nested in the correct order, but since I've not seen anything like them locally they are kept up out of the way.

During the holidays I found this one at a consignment store.  It is missing the two larger dolls, but perfect for a toddler to play with.  Also during the holidays I found a matryoshka t-shirt.  Are you beginning to see the pattern?  Matryoshkas seem to be everywhere (including my banner)!  I find myself drooling over fabric with matryoshkas and plush versions.  I know I don't need any more in my collection, but little yard of matryoshka fabric couldn't hurt.  Could it?


  1. I found this awesome Matryoshka store in San Fran, its nothing BUT matryorshkas :) Its off the piers. I almost bought several of them! They even had life-size lmao. You would have loved it.

  2. LOL! There's a place just down the road from here that has gorgeous hand painted ones from the Czech Republic, but I certainly wouldn't mind a trip back to SF to see the life size dolls :D

  3. Hi C! The one you bought from the consignment store...I had *that* one as a child! :

    We have a Santa set that the kids CANNOT keep their hands off. And now IKEA even have their own dolls! LOL


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