Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Preschool Art Lesson: Picasso

Doing art lessons is one of my favorite things to do in the classroom.  I get my inspiration from MaryAnn Kohl who has an amazing range of art books designed for kids.  What I like most is that these lessons are focused on the process of art and not the finished product -very appropriate for a Montessori classroom!

This last week we talked about paining all in one color and Picasso's Blue Period.  I put out an ice cube tray with five compartments filled with blue tempera paint.  Four of the blues got another splash of color added: white, black, yellow, and red.  I didn't like how the paint moved across the paper, so I added some liquid dish soap to help the paint flow. (Note: did you know that adding a drop or two of soap can make clean up time easier? Usually I add it directly to the bottle of paint, shake then use!)  If I had access to some vegetable oil I would have used that. The paint flows and blends together beautifully this way!

Check out some of our results:


This last one the child named The Blue Century in honor of Picasso!

To keep things interesting for the kids we'll try different base colors.  I'm also thinking I'll add flour or cornstarch so that it can be very textural! 

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