Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Custom Built Montessori Shelves

This past summer I overcame my fear of power tools and built this shelf specifically to hold the knobbed & knobless cylinder work.


There is just enough space on either side of the materials for a child to pull them easily off the shelf.  Because I can fit all four sets of the materials on this one shelving unit, I was able to free up space for other sensorial materials.  Considering how small my room is, this one little custom-built shelving unit made a huge difference in the amount of materials I can have out at one time!
I purchased a 12 ft x 8" shelving board at a local home store.  I had a lovely gentleman cut the board into 28" lengths for me.  At home, I predrilled the holes and screwed the pieces together.  I did a bit of sanding and then slathered it in an all-in-one stain/concealer.  I'm sure someone with loads of clamps and levels and workbenches could have done a more professional job.  But the shelves stand up on their own and the materials do not slide off, so I'm happy.  

I need to make another shelf with 30" boards so I can create a space for my metal inset works, but I'll need to wait for some warmer weather before I'm willing to use my workshop (aka garage) again!

It was very empowering to use tools to build something useful. I couldn't have afforded to purchase a shelf like this out of a catalog nor are there pre-fab shelf kits that are this same size. I'm sure Maria would be proud of me!  With this new-found confidence I feel I can tackle more DIY projects around the home.  Have you ever used power tools?

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