Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Take a Peek: Empty Corner

This is a corner in my house.  Between the stairwell to the attic (repurposed as a closet as the attic is not habital) and the doorway to the bathroom, to be specific.

It is usually not this bright.  I like it because it is like a blank canvas.  Being a small house, having more storage in that corner would be nice.  The nightstand is just resting for the time being -hopefully to be transformed into something wonderful for Turtle this summer.

Since it is usually dark, a little ambient lighting and some reflective surfaces could be fun as well.  World's smallest gallery.  If I cover it with enough art work and photos then maybe I could pretend that I like the color of the walls.

I really like the idea of decorating this corner.  Its not nearly as overwhelming as designing a larger space (such as the living/dining room).  If it ends up looking silly, being a small space, it would be easy to redo.  Less pressure.  I like that!

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