Monday, February 8, 2010

Easiest Quilt EVER!

My mom made this quilt for Turtle at my request.  I love the colors -a little on the Shabby Chic side, but at least it isn't featuring a character or all pink.  Turtle herself picked the backing color herself! I held up this color and a lovely melon for her to choose from and this is the one her hand landed on.  Mom knocked this out in a day.  That's right, I said a day.
 Before you begin to believe that I work my mom sweat-shop style for an insane number of hours, I should explain something:  I bought the patchwork top already pieced at the fabric store.

I'm not sure what the official name of the fabric is, but it is like a cheater patchwork material.  It comes on a bolt with the squares already stitched together and is not merely printed on the material in patchwork style.  It may not have been hand pieced, but the quilt was certainly made with love for my little girl. 

I do intend to make a patchwork duvet cover for Turtle -she has fallen in love with an old down comforter of mine which she currently has on her bed, coverless.  I'm picturing a strip quilt featuring the fabric scraps from her handmade window blinds.  Hmmmm, maybe that will be my next Scaredy Cat challenge!

Speaking of challenges, I had intended to post about my current challange today.  Unfortunately I was unable to access the lovely photos of my work this morning so that post will have to wait until I can pry the pictures out of my desktop computer!

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