Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Take a Peek: The Littlest Room in the House

My bathroom is tiny.  Other than the wee medicine cabinet, this basket is sitting on the only storage area in the room (this shelf and one above it).  There is one north-facing window, but somehow during the day it always seems light and airy. It is also a very WHITE room.

I'm beginning to like white as a decorating color (but please don't tell my husband).  I like how colors really pop against white, like the ones in my basket.  With the room being white it is also easy to change the accent color when I get tired of the blue and green theme.  Every time I look at this basket I smile.  I just LOVE the colors -so fresh, so optimistic that spring and warmer weather will return again.  Sigh.

Being the littlest room in the house you would think it would be easy to decorate.  Simple things such as shower curtains and baskets are easy.  I recaulked the sink last summer and did a fantastic job, if I say so myself. Removing the old caulk was time consuming, but it was amazing how such a simple job made my sink look like it was brand new.

This is also the only bathroom in the house, so bigger projects like recaulking the bathtub and painting need to be strategically planned.  I would love to tile the bathtub surround and I feel confident I could do that myself.  Maybe before that I will tackle some details that I find annoying, like painting the brown wood medicine cabinet that looks completely out of place in the mostly white room.  And replacing the one measly towel rack with a row of retro-looking hooks.  One detail I do love about my bathroom right now:  my shower curtain hooks! 

What detail or item in your home makes you smile?


  1. What lovely accents! The colors are very crisp. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Love the colours, C! Are you a 'spring', like me? ;D

    Those 'tap' curtain hooks are fantastic - never seen those around these parts. My bathroom is white too. White tiles and pale turquoise on the walls. And I *love* my bright turquoise towels :)

  3. Thank you ladies :-D Someday my home will carry a bit of the European elegance that you have achieved in your own homes!


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