Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Kandinsky Experiment

Have I mentioned before that I love doing art projects with my students?  I did a little "test drive" with this Kandinsky project.  I can't remember where I got the idea from, so I humbly apologize!  If I find the inspiration post I will add a link here.

I have a few small prints of Kandinsky in my classroom, so I showed these to my sample student.  For mine, I traced various geometric shapes and added straight lines.  I went over my pencil lines with a black crayon (to help contain the water colors) and then added color with watercolor pencils.  I drew a crowd when I performed the final step of going over the colors with a wet brush.  Here's my first attempt:


And here is the result from my trusty partner:

I love the huge orange/red shape!  The student tried tracing shapes, but it was too difficult so they chose to do free hand shapes instead.  We used white card stock for our paper and it worked well -it didn't completely curl up which is what usually happens to our painted papers.

All I need is to gather more card stock and we are ready to go.  The kids bugged me all day about doing this project!  I'll post photos of the other results when we finish this little project.

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