Monday, February 1, 2010

Scaredy Cat Challenge: Upcycled Smock, Part II

Sly Lady with Sewing Machine

I was able to take a deep breath and make the first cut! In fact, I have all the pieces cut.  You'll have to trust me on this even though I don't have a photo to show you just yet.  Our memory card is full at the moment with the epic Daddy v. Turtle Living Room Hockey Tournament video.  Once its been cleared (and light cooperating) I shall add a picture  :)

The biggest challenge was trying to figure out the grain of the fabric.  With some Twitter advice and a little applied logic, I pinned the pieces in what I assume to be the correct direction and cut the darn thing out!  The next step is to attach the pieces.  Together.  With the sewing machine.  Which bears marks of being handled by the aforementioned Turtle.  And probably needs a new needle for this very important project.  It really would be better if I took it in for a tune-up before even thinking of making the first stitch too............

Well, those are some of my excuses for this challenge.  What are the excuses for holding you back from doing something you'd like to do?  Go to DianeDenmark to link to your challenge & to see what others are doing!

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  1. Can't wait to see the smock! :) Picked up a book (on sale) the other day..."The Perfect Apron, 35 fun and flirty designs for you to make", should keep me out of trouble for a while... ROFL


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