Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Scaredy Cat Challenge: Upcycled Smock, Part III

Slowly but surely, it is coming together!  As I sewed it together I realized how poorly I cut the fabric out -oops!  I ended up sewing it on my mom's machine which I'm not used to using, so I misread the foot guide telling me how big my allowance was.  Double oops -the smock is now much smaller than originally planned, but big enough to fit Turtle (she tried it on.)

Just a few finishing touches and it will be done -adding elastic to neck & arms, and attaching the pocket.  I decided to keep it simple for this first attempt and instead of reattaching the cuffs from the original shirt, I will put elastic in the hem so the arms will be more fitted.

Its finally looking like a shirt and I'm getting very excited to see the end result!  How is your challenge going?  Check in at Diane's place to see what other challenges are being met  :)




  1. Ooooo, nice! I love tops like that for big does the pattern go - is it just for kids or a general 'how to' guide?

  2. Its just for kids but I bet a clever clogs like you could adapt the pattern to fit an adult :D


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