Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Great Reading Adventure

So much for spring cleaning & flinging!  Its already Wednesday and all I've managed to do is organize DH's closet and dresser.  What I have managed to do is finish reading three books and start on a fourth! 

The first book I finished was Unclutter Your Life in One Week.  Many of you already know I'm a fan of The Flylady.  She advocates decluttering for 15 minutes a day until all your clutter is gone.  I think that is a great idea, except for the fact that I don't know if I can wait the year it would take for me to get rid of the junk that is weighing me down!  I'm looking for a Crisis Declutter, hence the attempt to unclutter in one week.

I honestly don't see how one could follow the plan in this book and get your house in order in just one week, especially if you work outside the home.  Nonetheless, there are some great ideas.  Doland suggests starting with your closet space (hence my attempt to tame DH's closet & dresser). To be honest, I am breathing easier already!  I've got a plan now for dealing with sentimental clutter (including my books *gasp*) and ways I can rearrange furniture to create a Flylady-style launch pad. 

No, I won't get it done in a week.  But I'll get enough done on my week off to make my life easier!  By the way, did I mention that I read this book in DIGITAL form?  Great clutter buster right there!

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  1. Will have to check out the digital version of the book (DH now has a kindle) but I normally get my books second-hand (very cheaply) from Amazon. And I pass them on afterwards! It's only DH that won't part with his. Sigh... ;)


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