Saturday, April 17, 2010

Noodles Will Make You Happy

Campbell's Soup I: Chicken Noodle, c.1968

"Don't cry momma, noodles will make you happy" my darling daughter told me while patting me gently on the arm one spring afternoon.  I was pretending to pout about something or other, and Turtle offered me these words of comfort.  Naturally, I burst out laughing. "See - she's right!" said my husband.

She was.  Now it is our own little catchphrase when we want to make someone laugh, and generally it does.

Last night was NOT a good night for Turtle.  Her nap wasn't as long as she wanted (or needed).  It was hot in the house (have to keep it warm for our ailing parakeet).  She had an owie on her bottom that was making her miserable.  In other words, she was in extreme meltdown mode.  Even simple questions such as "would you like some more water?" threw her into hysterical crying.

I had nothing to lose so I told her "Don't cry, noodles will make you happy!"

She stopped screaming, sniffled a bit and replied, "I want some noodles."

Fortunately I had in my freezer an Amy's Organic Pasta Dinner for kids.  In three minutes I had on the table noodles, broccoli and apple crumble.  Within the first two bites she had stopped crying.  She had already had her dinner, but obviously she was still hungry because she ate most of her second meal.  The rest of the evening passed by cheerfully. (She didn't even cry when I left her room after tucking her into bed!)

Obviously, she's on to something!  Results from an internet search on carbohydrates and mood seemed to support Turtle's theory.  Jack Prelutsky must have known this as well when he wrote my favorite poetry book It's Raining Pigs & Noodles.  I can't read a single poem from there without at least cracking a smile. 

There are many noodle images that make me giggle.  To begin with, there is the Andy Warhol image above.  But there are many others.

Footballers Looking for Ball in Noodle Soup Pond

Noodle Still Life and Nudel Written in Ribbon Noodles

Basta Pasta

So if you are in need of creating a good mood for yourself or anyone else, try noodles.

Ooooodles of Noodles


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  1. I love noodles too! Especially chicken noodle soup from a packet - not something available in Denmark, boo! ;)

    But guess what the kids were having at the After School Club on Wednesday afternoon? Homemade chicken noodle soup, cooked over the bonfire....ahhh, those noodles made ME happy! :D


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