Tuesday, May 25, 2010

First Fairy Garden

It was inevitable -sooner or later Turtle was going to be invited to a birthday party.  It finally happened.  And at Chuck E. Cheese 's no less!  This child has already received a fabric dollhouse from me.  Not wanting to give a gift card or plastic toy, I racked my brain for ideas that would compare to the dollhouse.  Inspiration struck in the form of a fairy garden!  Knowing this child I was sure she would be enchanted.

There are three different kinds of low-lying plants for the greenery.  Paper-wrapped floral wire was used for the fence and arbor.  The bench under the arbor were rocks hot-glued together.  I used floral picks to add some color to the fence, and shells made a perfect little footpath leading to the pond (a terracotta pot base).  All that is missing now are the fairies..........


  1. Very cute, C-Joy! I'll send some fairies over. They're rather disgusted at my garden this year--more cowbell! or, flowers, I think.

  2. That is just adorable. I hadn't realized that you had a blog but I'm following now. :-)

  3. Bet Turtle has put in an order for one too? Nice! :)


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