Thursday, July 8, 2010

Make Your Own Play Oven

How proud am I of this?  

Earlier in the year I was inspired by people who transformed existing furniture into play kitchens.  This nightstand has been kicking around my house for 3 years.  It was a freebee and therefore ripe for renovation.  It started its life looking like this:

As you can see it has four burners

and a deep oven perfect for making playdough pies.  

And what does every tomato-loving Turtle need?  A new timer, of course!

Our entertainment center (which has always been used as Toy Central) is unergoing renovations as well.  A few final touches and Turtle will have a full-fledged kitchen!

DIY details

I lightly sanded the stand & coated it with primer.  Next time I paint furniture, I will make sure to use the right tool to get a nice, thick coat of primer down.  After two coats of paint, I can still see a bit of the wood underneath.  Oh well, I'm not being perfect!  I thought about replacing the hardware on the drawer, but it does the job.  The burners are sticky-backed glitter foam.  I thought about painting the burners on, but that would have required buying paint.  Besides, the foam was faster.  I haven't put a door on the oven yet because I haven't decided how I want to do it.  Turtle doesn't seem to mind so it will do for now.  If you think this is neat, you should check out some of these kitchens!

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