Sunday, August 29, 2010

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

This House Believes in Santa
This House Believes in Santa Art Print

By popular demand (yes, you know who you are) I'm posting before my blogging vacation is officially over.  What to write about? Christmas of course!

Last year I kinda sorta followed the Holiday Grand Plan.  I didn't follow it to the letter, but overall Christmas was a much smoother event than it ever has been before.  This year Organized Home is offering a new holiday plan:  Holiday Houseworks.  I'm liking the idea, so this season I'll give this plan a whirl.

"It's not even Labor Day yet!" I hear you scream with horror.  Let me give you some background information about myself.  Prior to my teaching career, I spent many (15 to be precise) years in retail.  Do you know what working in retail did to me?  Sucked every bit of Holiday Spirit out of me.  I would begin with such hope in my heart each holiday season, but by the time December rolled around, the true meaning of Christmas was a day off.  No more dealing with upset customers because we didn't have The Thing they just HAD to have as a gift when they waited until the last minute to buy it.  By Christmas Day I was too tired to do anything other than sip some bubbly.

Once I left the world of retail I vowed that I would reclaim the Christmas Holiday.  Once again it would become a season of magic and joy.  If it weren't for a couple of health-related dramas the week of Christmas, last year would have been practically perfect.  My goal for this season: to not have to go Christmas shopping at all during the month of December.  I've had enough of Christmas crowds to last me a lifetime!

Want to join along?  Today is the first day of Week One of the Holiday Houseworks plan.  I'm getting my planner together & organizing my "office space".

You can check out the various plans here.  There's a six week plan if you would prefer to wait to start getting ready.  You can also go Cruising Through the Holidays with the Flylady.  At any rate, Happy Holiday Planning!


  1. Thanks, C-Joy! As someone who still experiences the soul-sucking retail life, I will try and use some of these techniques to make my holiday a little bit more enjoyable. And, it means I buy your present before December!

  2. C-Joy, welcome to the Houseworks Holiday Plan! I hope we'll enjoy getting ready together.

    Thanks for the blog mention.

    Cynthia Ewer, Editor

  3. [emerges from the box of Christmas ornaments] I'm in, I'm in!! :D

  4. Already singing the songs of the season! Glad to have some company!


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