Wednesday, September 1, 2010

And the winner is...........

I know you're all waiting with baited breath over the winner of this hotly attended challenge!  But I'm going to make you wait -hehehehe.

Have you paired your wardrobe down to the basic 10 pieces for work and six pieces for casual?  I did and it wasn't nearly as painful as I would have thought.  I struggled a bit, but finally decided on 6 tops and 4 bottoms.  My students tend to notice my shirts more than my bottoms, so I think I should be fine.  My "casual clothes" are for working out.  Being in early childhood education I'm not exactly dressing in business attire so although my work clothes are already pretty casual, I wouldn't wear them to the gym!

I didn't think I owned that many clothes until I put my 10 work pieces together on the rack.  They took up a minuscule amount of space!  I'm looking forward to reviewing this challenge at the end of the month to see if I can let go of even more of my wardrobe. 

But now, drum roll please.  The winning entry for the Name the Challenge Contest is..............................

***Rage Against The Wardrobe***

submitted by the lovely DianeDenmark.  Congratulations Diane! When you get a chance drop me a line telling me what color of scarf you would like  :D.

I would have posted the photo I took of the Drawing Of The Winner, but my resurrected replacement laptop is having serious issues.  Instead, I'm adding this delightful pic.  I imagine Diane looks just like this as she floats around her elegant Copenhagen home. 

Small Bag Wardrobe Fashion

Small Bag Wardrobe Fashion Photographic Print


  1. Tee hee, looooove the photo!

    And yay, I won!!!

    Not too fussed about the colour of the scarf though I love clear, spring colours (pink/turquoise/blue) if it helps. Will wear it with pride!


  2. I love Diane's challenge name! I was thinking about my wardrobe, and realized I pretty much wear the same 4 pairs of black pants and the same 5-6 shirts to work every week. Not because I want to slim my wardrobe, but because that's all this girl has got! And, may I say, the same few pairs of earrings? What do I spend my money on? Books!


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