Sunday, September 12, 2010

Holiday Houseworks: Calendar & Creativity Work Recap

Live Simply, Love Snow, Laugh Often
Live Simply, Love Snow, Laugh Often Art Print

The first 2 weeks of the Holiday Houseworks plan has been easy for me coz I've been able to do most of it on my computer  :-D  I have lists & more lists that I haven't lost yet thanks to Google Tasks.  I can open the task list so it is side-by-side with my handy-dandy Google Calendar (which conveniently displays all my appointments, school work & marathon training workouts in one place). 

There was no travel to plan as DH works in retail.  If you also work retail then you know that you DON'T TAKE TIME OFF between Thanksgiving and New Year's Day.  At least you don't if you are on the managment side of things.

The only thing to schedule is DD's annual photo session.  I'm never able to go as I work during the photographer's available times, so that task has been delegated to DH -as usual.  We don't have enough carpeting in the house to warrant a professional coming in.  I may borrow my sister's carpet cleaning machine to hit DD's room (with vinegar & water, naturellement).

I bought a lot of supplies for craft projects last season, but I didn't start them.  To me that means they aren't REALLY unfinished projects and the materials can stay in the general collection to be used as I see fit.  Taking that into consideration, I only have three "unfinished" projects in my stash to take care of. 

This leaves me with the only task left undone:  starting a tear file.  I love my holiday mags.  I'm not sure that I can bring myself to actually TEAR PAGES out for the ideas that I like.  I may just use a magazine rack to hold my magazines and books and mark the pages with sticky flags. The undone task was (easily) moved to the next week's list:  Me and Mine week.  Glancing at this to do list again I see I'm in for a lot of physical prep work.  *Sigh*  Oh well, my bedroom is ready for a spring  fall cleaning!

How are your holiday preparations coming along?

Peace and Plenty

Peace and Plenty Art Print

PS  I finally purchased my first holiday mag of the season!  Also added to my reading collection this week is Houseworks.  Now I can read the assigned pages for each week  :D


  1. Geez, you've done more in the past few weeks than I regularly accomplish in the few months before Christmas! Making a list to finish tasks BEFORE making a list for Christmas may be the way to go for me. Fall prep work for the house is top priority. Good luck!

  2. For your 'tear file' - what about photocopying the ideas. That way you can have them handy and not destroy the magazines?

  3. I am going to have to remember your comment that a craft not worked on yet is really not an unfinished project, I will use that on my better half when he stares at the zillion stamps and card paper I bought in the spring with my "great" idea of making all future cards.. Sadly, he keeps pointing out that I have yet to make one! LOL

    Got a great blog here
    Am your newest follower

  4. Diane -you are a Super Genius! Thanks for the idea :) Also glad I could help you out Tracy. We crafters have got to stick together! And ms. caboo will HAVE to come over for a crafternoon now that the basement has been rescued :-D


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