Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I would walk 500 miles

And I would walk 500 more.......  have I got that song stuck in your head yet? *insert cackle here*

Now that I have got the Daily Earworm out of the way I can update you on my half-marathon training progress.

My progress to date:  I WALKED 10 MILES IN A ROW!!!!!!!

Mechanical Walking Red Robot with Spark

Mechanical Walking Red Robot with Spark Giclee Print

Yes, I hit double digit mileage.  It seems like a small number in comparison to what runners do on a weekly basis.  But for a slow walker, 10 miles is a HUGE time commitment. Although after following some nutrional advice from my personal Half-Marathon Consultant ms. caboo, I actually walked better and faster than ever.  In fact, I completed this 10 mile walk in LESS time than I took to complete my nine mile walk.  Not only did I finish faster, but I finished STRONG.  My last mile was my fastest.  I think I finally experienced endorfins.  Elusive, pesky chemicals that have eluded me my entire life to the extent I thought that they were the stuff of legends.  But no, I do have them.  Yay.

So I'm looking at the possibilty that I may be able to finish the half-marathon in less than 4 hours.  Maybe.  We'll see  :-P


  1. Wow, go you! I think Ms. Caboo has some serious competition! :D

    What was the nutritional advice? I'm thinking of running my 10k on the day you do you half-marathon. Always fun to go global... :)

  2. woohoo!

    See that streak whizzing by?
    That's my good friend, C-Joy!

    Poetry at no extra charge, Go You!

  3. Yeah C-Joy! Wow, I figured the glass of wine we drank over that conversation would have blocked out any advice I shared with you! Welcome to the double digit mileage club! Keep on 'truckin, sister!

  4. Wow, this is excellent! Big cheer for you, how cool is that?

    Good luck with everything!


  5. You go girl!!! I am so proud of you.

  6. Thank you my lovelies! A work of baby steps indeed :-P


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