Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Holiday Houseworks: Me & Mine Week

By the skin of my teeth (ie everything was done on Sunday) I finished my task list for the Me & Mine week!  Most of the work centered around getting the MBR (master bedroom) in order.  Once again, the adult sanctuary is in tiptop shape.  I was stunned at how much non-bedroom stuff was crammed inside our tiny oasis.  Nevertheless, the stacks of books and piles of clothes have been removed. 

One goal was to decorate the room.  In this case, decorating meant hanging the print I purchased LAST YEAR for our room.  Isn't it lovely?

Of course, I need to get a frame first.  The days of using tape to hang posters to my bedroom wall all long over.

One item on the list for this week was ordering/buying Christmas cards.  I'm afraid I just couldn't bring myself to do it yet.  My list is fairly small, so that is being bumped to do at a later date.

My tear-file for holiday ideas culled from magazines has been started (BTW thanks for the great idea Diane!) and I purchased ANOTHER holiday magazine. 

Next is the Close to Home week -looks like Turtle's room is next on the chopping block :-P

Happy Holiday Planning!

 Boot, c.1955
Boot, c.1955 Premium Giclee Print

PS  Thanks for your patience while I get a new card reader so I can get the pictures OFF my camera.  I've actually got things other than my clothes, marathon training & holiday plans to share with you -honestly!


  1. Even though my bedroom is the size of a closet, I have managed to still be messy. Thanks for the kick in the butt to take a few minutes to clean it up! I like the print, too. Gee, I remember being on that Eiffel Tower with two of my friends. Wonder who that was?!

  2. I waaaaannnaaa go to Paris! [Sigh...when I lived in Luxembourg I could drive there in 3 hours!]

    Re the Crimbo cards...why don't you use a digital photo of Turtle (draw on a santa hat?) and order them online? Or make your own?

    Merry Xmas planning! :D


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