Thursday, September 23, 2010

Curiouser and Curiouser

Only 1 more week to go on the Rage Against the Wardrobe challenge, and I've realized something odd. 

I really don't like my clothes that much.

I'm quite content with the quantity of clothing I have at the moment, and I'm looking forward to using the rest of my clothes once the challenge is over.

But I don't like my clothes that much.

I'm guessing I'll be more thoughtful with my purchases in the future. 

My goal is to become the trendsetter for Early Childhood Educator Chic.  You know, stylish yet completely covers all undergarments AT ALL TIMES.  Comfortable enough to withstand the long lengths of time spent on the floor instead of adult-sized chairs and still look professional at the end of the day when we hand the children back over to loving parents. Most importantly the Early Childhood Educator Chic Wardrobe must wash easily. (small children + various sources of liquids = traumatized clothes). 

Frumpy clothes (I'm talking to you bib overalls!) need not apply.


  1. I've been forced to join in the challenge...because the painter has taped over our wardrobes - ha! So we're using the clothes that we already had in the wash etc... ;D

    For your working outfit: what about some nice (dark wash) jeans, some nice coloured shirts (with a vest t-shirt underneath). You could leave the shirt unbuttoned and belt it at the waist to vary the look? Or wear a short waiscoat on top - very on trend this year. Add a nice chunky wooden bangle (so you don't get caught in some poor bairn's hair...) or some (not toooooo long) dangly earrings. Et voilà - a very haute couture Educator is born! :)

  2. LOL I should have known you'd have the answer! Sounds great -would just need to change the jeans to dress pants as we're only to wear jeans on Fridays. As for "accessories", I'm usually sporting a bracelet made by a child -we string LOTS of beads in the classroom :-P


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