Sunday, October 10, 2010

Holiday Houseworks: Bed & Bath week

I know, I know! I skipped a week reporting on my holiday prep.  What can I say?  It was wardrobe week & I kinda think you already know more about my wardrobe than you want to know.  Besides, it was C-R-A-Z-Y at work this past week & I just couldn't make myself post.  Who would have thought that working with 3-6 year olds on a daily basis would be stressful? Not me, that's for sure. (Note: for those of you running Sarcasm Filter 2.0 [PC/Mac/Linux] or higher you may miss the full impact of the last two sentences.  For optimum experience, stop the filter and reread).

So now onto Bed & Bath Week!!!!!!!

Let me just state this here & now:  I hate cleaning the bathroom. 

Thank goodness there is only one and it is SMALL.

On the downside, there is only one and it is SMALL.  While perfectly adequate at this time, I can easily forsee a future where one small bathroom will not meet the needs of a small family containing a teenage girl. 

For now, the thought of detail cleaning the "fixtures" fills me dread & misery.  Really, the kind of feeling that usually equates "procrastination" in my book.  Except I can't really procrastinate it this week coz next weekend is my weekend away for the half-marathon.  Today is must be the day!

But the other part of this week's goal is tackling the linen closet.  Maybe I should do that instead.  Yup, that's the ticket -DEFINTELY the linen closet.  It is completely out of control and really should take top priority.  The bathroom? Let's face it, its just going to get dirty again so why bother? Now the linen closet has real potential of being organized and STAYING that way between now and the Holidays.  The linen closet it is.......

*The author kindly asks that if you see her today wandering aimlessly with a towel in her hands to please replace the towel with the toilet brush and redirect her to "the smallest room in the house".  Thank you.

**The Author would like to reassure you that no animals will be harmed during the cleaning of her bathroom.  Thanks you (again).


  1. I detail cleaned our guest toilet on Thursday! (Mainly because it's the only working toilet right now, used by 10+ builders every day...).

    What's in your linen closet? I keep my bedlinens under the mattresses. (Easy to get to, when I'm changing the beds.) Tablecloths are in drawer beside the dining room. But I need to go through my Christmas cupboard - I'm sure there are some Xmas tablecloths/towels/napkins etc that can be flung...

    Good luck! :D

  2. You ladies are lucky! I don't even have a linen closet! My house is so small, I have one closet in between the two bedrooms. Someday....I live to line a linen closet with some lavender scented paper. When I dream, I dream big!


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