Friday, October 8, 2010

Pamper Me Please

I still haven't found my sense of humor.

Fortunately for me Lee of FLYwashed  had the brilliant idea of shing her favorite pamper items.  Maybe if I nurtured myself a bit my swiss cheese of a brain would recall where we last saw my funny bone.

How to Pamper C-Joy (non-calorically)

  1. Magazines.  Preferably home, decorating or craft please.  The snazzier the cover, the better!  (I may not judge a book by the cover, but magazines - you betcha I do!)
  2. Turning on a Scentsy.  After years of living with a bird & a small child, I got out of the candle habit.  I make do with the scented wax you melt over a low-wattage bulb in a pretty container.  These days I'm burning Pumpkin Pie upstairs and Irresistible in the basement.
  3. Perfume.  I find scents really boost my mood.  I love playing with my essential oils at home, but when I'm heading out the door I like to put a lil' something on my wrists.  Somehow I feel like a grownup when I have a splash of scent on!  My current favorite is Juicy Couture -I got the Original Rollerball so I can slip it in my bag & take it with me when I need a quick pick-me-up (and the price was right).
  4. Tea.  Not necessarily without calories as I tend to drink my tea with milk in the mornings.  But still, I love having a variety of teas to choose from.  Black, white, green, red, herbal infusions -I'm an equal opportunity teaist.  Pairs perfectly with pamper number 1
  5. Creating.  As in -anything!  Baking, painting, crocheting, writing, sewing.  Heck, even PLANNING a creative project entertains me.  
So there you have it, how to best pamper me.  How do you pamper yourself?

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  1. This is pretty sad, cause I can't think of much that I do to pamper myself that doesn't include calories! There are a few things I have thought of: anything lavender smelling--and I mean the real stuff not the "lavender scent" that is really perfume--I may have found a scent I can wear, finally. I also like to buy a neat pair of earrings every once in a while. And, of course, a good book. Although I do this every week, so I don't think that counts.


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