Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Jitters

Tomorrow is the big day!  The half-marathon.

Dear ms. caboo is walking it with me.  I've walked with her before and let me tell you, she's fast.  Certainly faster than me.  I hope I don't let the team down!

Fast Moving Feet and Legs
I've been pretty lackadaisical about my training to be honest.  Pretty much all I have been doing is the long walk part of the training program.  In hindsight I probably shouldn't have told myself  "It doesn't matter about the time, just worry about getting across the finish line!".

Oh well,  I'm getting a bit nervous.  And what do I do when I get nervous?

Crack bad jokes and pretend nothing unusual is going to be happening of course. 

Such as, can an atheist use the Acts of God clause when making an insurance claim? 

And the best advice ever:  If you have a headache, do what it says on the aspirin bottle: Take two, and keep away from children.

Wish us luck!


  1. Trust me, it's normal to get the jitters. The only time I wasn't nervous, I bombed and hurt myself. And it doesn't matter how long it takes to get to the finish line, what matters is that you did!

  2. You are brilliant, and i am really proud of all you have done so far. I'll bet you don't know what you are capable of- you go girl!!

    PS, love the new background- it's such a treat for my eyes to come here :)


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