Friday, November 5, 2010

Christmas, Christmas Cake is Here!

Ain't she a beauty?

Nothing says "Time to make a Christmas Cake" more than a Black Cat wearing a witches hat. Oh wait, is that just me?

ms. caboo daringly tried to teach Turtle how to crack an egg.  I think we got most of the shell out.  Any "crunch" in the cake is obviously due to nuts.  Yeah, that's it!

 Some Mad Housewife showed up, which really made the baking fun!

This is what Christmas Baking looks like when you have 3 feet of kitchen counter space (even when decluttered).

This is the second cake we made as you can see the wooden spoon in the background already has cake batter on it.  BTW, my wish already came true!!!

It is not to late to make your own Christmas Cake  :)


  1. I think those eggs would have been cracked whether I tried to teach Turtle or not--and you'd probably still be finding dried egg white all over the place!

  2. This is great. Looks like a Mad Housewife could help any situation become more fun! And ms, caboo too!

    Christmas baking is in full swing here too. If I could only remember to take photos...


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