Saturday, November 6, 2010

Princess Turtle

Despite last-minute declarations she was going to be a ghost for Halloween, Turtle dressed as a princess for trick-or-treating.

We had a hard time keeping her crown on -the Queen made a tactical error & purchased said crown from the dollar store.  Then Princess forgot her wand when she went out to visit her people. 

Before making the rounds, Princess posed for a picture with her little pumpkin.  She got the pumpkin from "the pumpkin patch store", also known as the market by auntie's house that features pumpkins from a farm just down the road.

The King did what all good daddies do -he helped carved a pumpkin to put on display outside the castle.

The pumpkin looked none-too-pleased to learn that he had pulled sentry duty that night because.........

during the photo op with Princess we discovered Zombies were just around the corner.

Hope your Halloween was as SWEET as ours!

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