Saturday, November 27, 2010

First Ever Crafternoon

Sister and I had an idea for a craft project to make for some Christmas gifts.  Finally, I was able to start putting my craft and art supplies to good use!

The main gifts were centered around this graphic I whipped up on GIMP:

I had an idea for some ornaments to make for myself as well. So we started arranging and playing while waiting for the gel medium to dry on the main projects. Then I got a bee in my bonnet to make some ornaments for my nephew who has just moved into his first apartment (on the west coast :( ).  Surely he & his Sweetie Pie need ornaments to decorate the first home, don't you think?

So my little printer, with help from the Graphics Fairy, got quite a workout as we transformed a cereal box into these little beauties:
Graphics Fairy image covered with rice paper then glued to cereal box
Graphics Fairy image resized, tinted and glued to cereal box

Graphics Fairy Image glued on cereal box

Graphics Fairy image glued on cereal box
Graphics Fairy image glued on leftover photo mat with scrapbook doodads
Yeah, I know -you're jealous.  Tell you what, ask nicely after Christmas and maybe I'll make an ornament for you.

I learned an important lesson after this First Ever Crafternoon.  Two, in fact.  The first,
Elmer's Craftbond 11-Ounce Spray Glue Adhesive is really amazing stuff!  I highly recommend it for gluing paper to cereal boxes.  The second lesson: keep all your adhesive products together so you don't "discover" the perfect glue to use AFTER you have assembled your item.

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