Sunday, November 28, 2010

Holiday Houseworks: Decor Storage Week

Did someone say DECORATIONS?!?!

Generally I put up decorations the weekend after Thanksgiving, but DH had an unexpected Sunday off last weekend so we struck while the iron was hot & put the tree up then.

This is the first year since Turtle was born that we've had a tree.  I decided to go with an artificial tree -that's what we had when I was growing up & I actually do have a place to store it when the holidays are over.  I must say, I LOVE having a pre-lit tree!  Maybe some year we will do a real tree, but this will do for now.

Oh look -bubble wrap!

Doesn't look like much

You mean it lights up?

We're still working on the Vanna skills

Adding ornaments was lots of fun!

DH thought that not ALL the ornaments should be hung on the bottom 2 feet of the tree

The final product

At Christmas time, you can find almost anything your heart desires boxed up and ready to give......

Even Turtles!

Just a bit of decorating now to finish, but the rest of the holiday assignments left to do are
  • Finish gift shopping
  • Mailing domestic gifts
  • Charge batteries for the camera

How are your holiday preparations going?


  1. I like how you have lights under your tree skirt, very festive! I may steal that idea! :D

  2. Christmas stuff is going up this week...I've been watching HGTV and got some great ideas for decorating. I plan on doing this after your soiree...hope I don't have a hangover!

  3. Looks beautiful! My artificial tree is not allowed out of its box - DH will only allow 'the real thing' - boo! ;D


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