Saturday, November 20, 2010


Indian Corn is a popular material in Montessori classrooms.  There are so many uses for it!

For example, you can

 pick the kernels off one by one with either your fingers or with tweezers

sort the kernels according to color and/or have fun sending kernels down the spout of a gravy separator

Other classroom uses:
  • transfer from one container to another with tweezers
  • transfer from one container to another with a spoon
  • add to small glass containers for pouring practice
  • use in a sensory tub
  • soak kernels in warm water, poke a hole through with a push pin, dry & string on fishing line for bracelets and necklaces
  • add to art projects with glue
  • feed wildlife
If your corn came with the dried husks still attached, you can make your own corn husk dolls which are a fantastic addition to the North America continent box!


  1. Will you tell us more about the Christmas Gifts you fashioned yesterday too? :D, M

  2. As you wish Moni! Just waiting for the light to cooperate so I have some decent pics to share :D


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