Friday, November 19, 2010

I Love Fridays

Life Begins on Friday Night

Back in the madcap adventure days of retail, Fridays didn't really mean anything to me.  Weekends in general weren't seen as a time to rest and recharge, but the busiest days of the week.  Now that I'm seeking my thrills in the world of early childhood education, weekends have been returned to me.  And you know what?


It is a half-day for me, so technically my work day is done at 12:30.  That leaves the rest of the day to do as I choose.  On Friday afternoons, life looks rosy.  The weekend stretches ahead of me and I'm bursting with energy and plans.  In fact, I love Fridays so much that I mentally start my weekends on Thursday nights.  (Heck yeah, I can stay awake to watch Cold Case on PBS -tomorrow is a short day!)  My tea tastes better, getting myself & Turtle dressed and out the door is easier,  and my mornings fly by with the greatest of joy.

I wish everyday could be Friday.

You know what makes this Friday even more exciting?  Extra time off next week for Thanksgiving  :D

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